This is the 4th workshop on DSC measurement of Phase Change Materials (PCMs). During the last years we developed a procedure to characterize PCMs via DSC. This procedure was tested by several comparative measurements undertaken by several institutions using Parafol 18-97, RT70HC und HDPE. These results and their impact/consequences on the procedure will be discussed in the workshop. So far the procedure is optimized to determine the enthalpy during the PCM´s melting and crystallization process and it is based on slow heating rates. cp characterization requires high heating rates and thereby the question is how to merge these two measurements.


We also want to steadily improve the quality of our results and to do so a good analyses of results including the calculation of uncertainties will be essential.


Also a database was developed to upload and to store  DSC results measured according to the procedure. So far the database is restricted to users contributing to the comparative measurements. The original target for it was to provide high quality data for PCM, sortiom matrials and thermo-chemical materials to all working on these kind of thermal storages. So it is necessary to discuss how we can deal with that. Who will be able to have access to the data? Additionally it is necessary to feed the database with materials, so we need contributors who are willing to upload measured data.


We started also to work on the development for a procedure to characterize the thermal conductivity of PCMs. First comparative measurements have been undertaken and during the workshop we will discuss the results and how to proceed with this task.


We invite all those who are interesting in PCMs and PCM characterization to this workshop. Please use the form to register for it.


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