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20-CaCl2-PHTS composite

Material details

Material Name 20-CaCl2-PHTS composite
Type chemical reaction
Added by National Institute of Chemistry Slovenia-NIC
Description composite of PHTS (ordered mesoporous silica) matrix with salt hydrate (CaCl2) (20 wt%)
Manufacturer NIC
Material Structure powder, nanoparticles
Density (dry/charged) 2100.0 kg/m^3
Sorbat Uptake (if Sorption) 2200.0 g/kg
Temperatur T1 ºC Temperature T2 ºC
Pressure p1 mbar Pressure p2 mbar
Enthalpy kJ/mol Storage Capacity 694.0 kJ/kg
Specific Heat Capacity @ T1 kJ/kg K Specific Heat Capacity @ T2 kJ/kg K
or Measured at Temperature °C or Measured at Temperature °C
Additional Comments adsorption temperature at 40 °C, desorption temperature at 120 °C and a dew point temperature was set at 10 °C