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Enthalpy (T)

Measurement details

Measured with TA DSC2500
By: Fraunhofer ISE
Additional Comments The crucible has a hole in the lid. The sample (with crucible) was previously measured in a TGA to determine the dry mass. The sample was sufficiently dry.
  • Heating rate0.5 [K/min]
  • Cooling rate0.5 [K/min]
  • Sample mass9.79 [mg]
  • Heat of fusion174.3 [kJ/kg] - deviation0.1 [kJ/kg]
    • Integration range, lower limit295.0 [°C]
    • Integration range, upper limit310.0 [°C]
    • Onset temperature306.83 [°C] - deviation0.02 [°C]
    • Offset temperature [°C] - deviation [°C]
  • Crystallization enthalpy174.9 [kJ/kg] - deviation0.2 [kJ/kg]
    • Integration range, lower limit295.0 [°C]
    • Integration range, upper limit303.0 [°C]
    • Onset301.4 [°C] - deviation0.5 [°C]
    • Offset [°C] - deviation [°C]
Enthalpy (T)

Set 1/ db-materials-heating_cooling_measurements

Heating - Fraunhofer_ISE_Sodium_nitrate_Sample1_Cycle1_0K5_min_Heating.dat

Cooling - Fraunhofer_ISE_Sodium_nitrate_Sample1_Cycle1_0K5_min_Cooling.dat

Set 2/ db-materials-heating_cooling_measurements-1

Heating - Fraunhofer_ISE_Sodium_nitrate_Sample1_Cycle2_0K5_min_Heating.dat